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SERVING WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA | Please call us any time at (828) 309-0103

Buddy Militello

August 6, 2017

Precious Buddy was the light in his family’s eyes. His human-mom Sharon remembers how “he barked incessantly at other dogs, anyone walking by, at us if he wanted to stress a point, howl if the need arose, delivery drivers, never allowing anyone to enter our house without permission – and sometimes not at all.”

He was a very good judge of character. The Aussie part of him knew the need to watch after what he loved and valued – his family. His barks were silenced on August 6th when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His humans are grateful that Buddy’s pain is gone, but the silence in their home is eerily deafening. Their wonderful, smart, loving, sometimes scared boy who longed just to hang out with them and be loved is once again a puppy playing among the clouds and flowers.

Buddy came to the Militello family as an abused dog who feared everything. With their love, patience, compassion, tenderness and tolerant understanding, he overcame his fears and his life was showered with all he would need to be happy. He would live the rest of his life adored and honored.

Hi favorite person in the world was his Poppy. They would sit for hours doing nothing or toil outside raking leaves with Buddy racing through the piles as fast as Poppy would rake. There was a lot of play, but they didn’t need to be doing much as long as Buddy was by Poppy’s side.

Buddy loved life and all it included. His illness came fast. Poppy and Sharon were by his side the entire way when the time came for Buddy to step into the heart of forever.

“We will miss him always knowing he was and always will be our Bud Bud, the best boy we have ever had the pleasure of owning us.  So long our boy, God’s speed, we love you so, so, so much and will miss you more than you know.  We will see you again.  And, lest we not forget your sisters and brothers are forever missing you now not understanding the loss.  They know you are gone but where?”

Memorial donations in memory of Buddy Militello may be made to Blue Ridge Humane Society.

All donations are tax deductible.

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