About Us

Pet Cremations of Western Carolina has offered compassionate care to families and pets in our area since 2009. We operate from the Shuler Funeral home, which is located just off of Four Seasons Boulevard, between Orrs Camp Road and Jack Street.

Funeral Director Paul Luck with Fred, the therapy dog

Funeral Director Paul Luck with Fred, the therapy dog

Our team is made up of passionate, understanding individuals who can sympathize with the impact of losing a beloved pet. After all, our pets are like family too.

To provide you with the most comprehensive service, we have a 24/7 answering service so that no matter when your loss occurs, you can inform us of your pet’s passing and request they be brought to our facility. We are able to pick up your animal from anywhere, including your home or a veterinarian’s office. Depending on your preference, we can help bury your pet at home (if approved by your local ordinances), or respectfully cremate them. Our pet services counselor is ready to listen, help you weigh your options, and guide you toward the best arrangements for your family.

As a result of our dedication and respectful care for the families who come to us, many of our clients come from around the state for our pet services. Although our crematory is not on site, we do make caskets, urns, and other pet keepsakes available for you to look over when you meet with our services counselor. For a more memorable remembrance, ask us about our many different personalization options.

Our goal is to make saying goodbye to your pet as sincere and significant, yet simple, as possible. To inquire about our cremation or burial services, or to preplan for an aging pet, contact our office today.