Lacy Lou Johnson

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Lacy Lou Johnson

Died: July 6, 2018


We say goodbye to our dear and faithful friend.

She never failed to love, comfort and entertain us for all her happy years.

She was rescued as an adult from the shelter, a dog of mixed heritage who came to our little farm and ruled as “Little Miss Field & Stream.” Lacy trained as a reading therapy dog, and helped many children greatly improve their reading skills by patiently sitting and listening to them read.  She was also a welcome visitor to several nursing homes.

After a lifetime of sunshine, fresh air and our loving care, she became ill and passed gently of old age in her Mama’s arms. She was everything a dog should be and will be sorely missed by her family. We ask that you please adopt or rescue before you purchase a pup, and don’t overlook the grown up dogs: they are usually calmer, better-socialized, house-trained, and past chewing stuff up.  It will be a blessing to you and your dog.

These loving words are from Lacy’s family

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