Jeb Bradley

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Jeb Bradley

April 1, 2009 - September 21, 2018


Jeb Bradley was born April 1, 2009. Saluda was the home of this big, strong, solid boy. Jeb was well behaved. On his first day with Jeff, they stopped by the Subway in Saluda. When Jeff, not thinking of Jeb, left the sandwich in the truck, her returned to see that the food was untouched. Jeb also never tried to steal food from Jeff’s plate at home. He knew it was not his to take. Jeb could be very friendly and playful, but was always protective of his truck. He could sense when people were to be trusted. When Jeff was going to give a ride to a stranger, Jeff let the person know that although Jeb would growl initially he would not bother him while Jeff was with him. Jeb, however, did not trust the passenger and had to ride in the bed of the truck. Jeff and Jeb lived through many trials during their time together and always had each other’s back. The close bond and devotion they had for each other lasted until Jeb’s passing on September 21, 2018.

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