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Died: May 21, 2018


I adopted Heather when she was about 7 years old. Broken down and abandoned she found her forever family with my mother and me. She was welcomed by another senior German shepherd, Jenny, that quickly turned into a sisterly bond. For two and a half years we watched Heather gain confidence in herself and a brightness of life fill her eyes. I had hoped for several years with her but on May 21, 2018 she unexpectedly passed away. I was grateful she was in my arms with her sister Jenny and her Nana whom she adored.

I believe if she could have spoken from her heart, she would have expressed the quote from a book by Iain S. Thomas: Titled The Last Days– “I just need you to be able to tell people I was here, I felt, I lived and I loved as much as I could. And that the person I loved, was you”.

Heather, your forever family misses you so much.. with forever love.

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