Elvadine Stanford

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Elvadine Stanford

Died: January 13, 2018


Sun Conure parrots are known for their playful personalities as much as their gorgeous brightly colored feathers. Elvadine, better known as Elbadeen by her people-parents two-year-old granddaughter, was also quite lovable. David and Dianne Stanford’s relationship with the little bird was exciting and full of happiness.

Elvadine was part of the Stanford family from the get-go. Her favorite perch was on Dianne’s shoulder. From there she traveled around their home and could observe Dianne’s cooking from a bird’s-eye-view. Hanging out with her humans was her favorite thing to do. She could hear them when they pulled into the driveway and would squawk in anticipation when they walked into the house. They knew her signals well – fluttering of her feathers meant ‘Pick me up”.

It was a joyous life filled with love, sharing tea, warm baths, almonds, kisses and occasionally sharing Chapstick. Beautiful Elvadine was so loved and her family misses her with all their hearts.


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