Bubba Tipton

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Bubba Tipton

Died: July 12, 2017


Bubba was a precious brown Miniature Pincher who lived his life side-by-side with his black Miniature Pincher sister, Myrtle, for his entire life. The two shared so many adventures, including moving with their mom, Patsy Tipton, from Texas to North Carolina.  Myrtle passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on February 13th leaving Bubba behind for the first time ever.

Bubba continued to be pampered and loved my Patsy as they adjusted to Myrtle’s absence. Bubba was a controlled diabetic in the later part of his life, and recently he lost his eyesight. Patsy always made sure her “Bubbalicious” never wanted or needed anything.

At the age of fourteen, Bubba realized it was time for him to join Myrtle. Patsy’s heart is breaking, but she is happy to know that Bubba and Myrtle are once again puppies frolicking together in puppy-dog bliss. Bubba passed away with Patsy at his side on July 12th.

Amy Kreitzburg posted on July 25, 2017

Patsy. I'm so sorry about little Bubba. We lost our Cayman a month ago and I still miss him terribly. I can only imagine the tail wags when he and Myrtle were reunited! I know they will all be waiting for us on the other side. ❤️

Pete Pistone posted on July 16, 2017

PATSY You are a great MOM And I know how much u loved these kids your heart is special to everyone through your sorrow there will be happiness and those children are looking down on you every moment of the day. So just look up and smile as you have friends also all around you Yours. PETE


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