Zombie Blankenship

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Zombie Blankenship

Died: January 1, 2018


Zombie’s best friend ever was Ryan Blankenship, and the feeling was mutual! But then there was Ryan’s best friend’s dog, Cali, that Zombie loved to play with every chance he got! The big baby-faced dog lived a life of unrestrained joy! He was a champion rope-toy player, superstar tug-of-war winner, could jump up and lick your face with the agility of a raucous leprechaun and was in puppy-dog heaven when getting a bunch of hugs.

A good run was always fun – almost as much fun as going fishinging with Ryan. That meant he was going swimming! Frequently blamed for knocking over drinks during the trip – there was no proof! Zombie had that way of looking totally innocent….

Zombie passed away peacefully on January 1st at the age of two-years-old. He is horribly missed and forever loved.

Jeff posted on January 26, 2018

I remember how excited that Ryan and Zombie were to have each other. Zombie loved Ryan, and the feeling was mutual. Zombie would whimper and whine as Ryan left for work. He was so full of energy and kisses too! we didn't say anything, but he and I would cuddle when Ryan was at work. You were a good pal, Zombie, and will be missed.


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