Sir Charles (Stretch) and Pebble Brook Fox

Sir Charles (Stretch) and Pebble Brook  Fox thumbnail

Sir Charles (Stretch) and Pebble Brook Fox

Died: July 4, 2017


Sir CharlesStretch”, was a wee puppy when Donna Fox wrapped him in a special blanket and brought him into her family on August 5, 2001. It was an immediate bond between the two. He was so young that Donna taught him to lap water by using a syringe, and the sweet little Dachshund slept by his new mamma’s side.  He became Donna’s protector and Sissy’s puppy-brother. The following year he would meet his true doggie-partner, Miss Pebble Brook.

Donna Fox’s heart was captured once more in 2002 when she rescued Pebble Brook Mamma Bear” from Saluda and “a spaghetti pot”. The Dachshund arrived with nine little puppies, including one that still lives at home with Donna. Pebbles bonded with Stretch, and they parented eight more puppies. Their puppy-son, Oliver met the two of them as the crossed Rainbow Bridge together on July 4th.

Pebbles loved sunning herself on the porch and snuggling with Donna at night. Pebbles was a presence at Donna’s side whenever possible. Though Donna misses having sweet Pebbles close by, she says, “I know you are with Stretch, and I will meet you at the Bridge my Mamma Bear. I love you.

“I want to praise Dr. Kevin McKisson and his staff at All Saints Animal Hospital for their continuous and loving care of Stretch & Pebbles.”      Donna Fox

Stretch on Left & Pebble on Right

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