Shadow Ballou

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Shadow Ballou

Died: June 8, 2018


Shadow appeared at the Ballou’s back door one day when he was a little less than a year old. Abandoned, thin and hungry, he was nonetheless full of energy and definitely seeking a permanent home. His adopted people parents, Tom and Trish, needed him as much as he needed them. Because he was black and because he immediately attached himself to Trish like a shadow, he earned his new name and he quickly embraced it!

Blessed with a bright mind, he enjoyed learning (and playing) tricks, some useful and some mischievous – like opening latched doors. He loved to race and play and was gregarious, quickly making friends in the canine and people world. When his long term companion Dixie arrived, he quickly adopted her and they remained “best friends ever” until her passing in 2017. Sadly, during what should have been his golden years, he was afflicted with CCDS (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome).

Shadow passed away at home with his family at his side at age 17 on June 8th. He is survived by Tom and Trish Ballou.

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