Scout Smith

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Scout Smith

Died: April 15, 2018


Scout’s previous owners moved to Colorado leaving the sweet dog alone in their empty house. She ended up in the county animal shelter, but not for long. Her forever home turned out to be a neighboring farm owned by David and Brenda Smith.

Smith animal-kids are usually small Chihuahua types, but they knew Scout had been through enough and needed a true family of her own. She would have the most amazing five years of love and joy beginning the moment she became Scout Smith.

Scout, like most teenagers, had her own bedroom. However, when she chose to visit the family bed, she used of the support steps put there to help the chihuahua-children. It would have been easier to just leap up there, but Scout took each step one-by-one. She had a special blanket that her parents tucked her in with on winter nights. On warm nights, she preferred to sleep under the stars on the front porch, and her parents learned to trust that Scout would be waiting on them there the next morning.

Her favorite game with Brenda was hide-n-seek. Brenda would walk all over calling her name as Scout hid her head in fairly open places. When Brenda feigned surprise at finding her, Scout smiled and rolled her eyes in puppy-dog laughter.

April the 14th was an unusually warm and pleasant night. When Brenda came to get her, Scout wanted to stay out on the porch. Brenda brought her a favorite good-night dog treat and loved her for what would be the final time. Scout passed away the morning of April 15th on the front porch of her favorite place on earth.


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