Max Smith

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Max Smith

Died: October 5, 2017


A chicken may be an unlikely pet for most, but Max was more than a pet to Brenda and David Smith. Max was a Buff Orpington hen who lived on the farm with her humans and various other animals. Buff Orpingtons are known for their gentleness, but Max was far more civilized than average.

From the beginning, Max decided not to simply be ‘a chicken’. She took a strong liking to Brenda – and Max trained Brenda quite well! When Brenda was near, Max would sit on her food bowl knowing Brenda would hand feed her. At the same time, when Brenda came home from work after dark Max would stir awake enough to spend time with Brenda – very unusual for a chicken. The phrase ‘go to bed with the chickens’ refers to how chickens go to sleep as soon as it becomes dark, and they don’t budge until morning.

Max was seven years old when she quietly passed away on October 5th. She was loved by her humans and deeply missed.

Memorial donations in memory of Max Smith may be made to Humane Farm Animal Care.

All donations are tax deductible.

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