Lacy Brooke Moody

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Lacy Brooke Moody

Died: December 30, 2018


In 2001 Bill and Sharon Moody were mourning the loss of their 14-year-old Dachshund, Oscar. During that time Sharon attended an Activities Director’s Meeting about Pet Therapy for Seniors where she saw an adorable 6-week-old Dachshund. Sharon went home after the meeting and shared her excitement with Bill, and a couple of days later they brought the sweet little girl into their family who became Lacy Brooke.

She was the pride and joy of the Moody family. She traveled with her people parents whenever possible beginning with a trip to Florida at only 8-weeks-old! That’s when they knew they had a little adventurer. Lacy was always ready to go anywhere any time. She loved to dress the part with sweaters and coats that made her feel ‘the Belle-of-the-Ball’ as she strutted around waiting for compliments – and she received plenty!

A prissy diminutive girl who loved snuggling under the covers and sporting the latest fashions, Lacy had an athletic side that included running and digging every chance she got. And then there were her beloved toys that she enjoyed tearing to shreds.

Lacy’s life was full and happy. Her only illness was associated with growing older. Lacy Brooke Moody brought many years of joy and memories that Bill and Sharon that they will relive as they cherish every day they were blessed to have had Lacy in their lives.

Surely it was Oscar who guided Lacy into the Moody’s family, and it only makes sense that Lacy and Oscar are young puppies playing on the Rainbow Bridge today sharing stories about their amazing human-parents. From her parents, “Rest well Little Lacy.”

Pat and Wesley posted on January 8, 2018

Lacy was indeed a VERY special little girl as are her parents who always adored her.


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