Joey Cevoli

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Joey Cevoli

Died: October 13, 2017


Joey was a lovable Bichon Frise who brought laughter and joy to his family for over twenty years. He had such an incredible personality. Joey loved to take long car rides to see and smell new places. He also loved walks around the neighborhood where he could meet other dogs and socialize. Joey even loved cats, and he happily received head butts from his cat family members once he began to slow down in his older years – as a puppy, he mostly liked to chase them!

Christmas was Joey’s favorite time of the year. He would sleep under the tree waiting for Santa and would get so excited when he found out which presents were for him! His wonderful groomers, Sandy & Melissa, who called him Joseph, took special care to make him look ever so handsome! To the delight of Joey’s parents, Buddy and Michelle, Sandy and Melissa put bows on his collar for the holidays and gave him a Christmas toy every year.

Joey passed over to the Rainbow Bridge on October 13th at the age of twenty-years old. His family says of their precious Joey, “Joey taught us the simple things were most important – food, water, loving hugs, play time, and a soft place to nap. Every day he just wanted to have a happy day, and he was blessed to make twenty years and thirteen days doing just that. We are so proud of his achievement and great attitude towards life. He is reunited now with both Mom and Matthew over the rainbow bridge. Our family will always remember him with joyful memories. Love eternal, Joey pups!

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