Jackson Triplett

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Jackson Triplett

Died: May 30, 2017


Little Jackson was more than a best friend to Robert and Brenda – he was family. It was more than ten years ago that Jackson adopted Robert Triplett as his human. Brenda and Robert describe Jackson as having a happy little heart. If it were possible to enter the perfect world of the little Jack Russell Terrier’s mind, you would find he was a true warrior who considered hunting for rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs, chipmunks and skunks his full time job.

Robert and Brenda remember Jackson as loveable, aggressive, a hunter and a true companion. Aside from his job of keeping small wildlife on the farm under control, Jackson enjoyed playing. He loved a game of tug-a-war with a rope, swimming and playing ball – yes, he could really show a ball a thing or two!

He frequently took his humans on hikes – hurrying them along by tugging on his lead. When they would come to water on a trail, Jackson liked to lie down in the stream and cool off his little body.

Jackson is survived by Brenda, Robert and June Bug – his canine brother who claims the family record for keeping little Jackson in line. His passing has left a huge hole in their hearts that they say they can never fill. In their own words, “Goodbye little Jackson, we love you.”


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