Flap Smith

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Flap Smith

Died: April 24, 2018


Most people know that chickens have extremely little flying ability. From time to time, there is an exception when it involves an airplane. Flap was a precious Buff Orpington hen who was hatched at and flew from Murray McMurray Hatchery. The little chicken sat in the Arden Post Office happily chirping until David and Brenda Smith arrived to take her home. She was immediately drawn to the Smith’s dog named Flap. The two would walk up and down the fence together and sat beside each other. Soon the two became “Flap”, and that was their shared name until Flap-the-dog passed away.

She also loved her humans. Aside from loving to be held and hugged, Flap enjoyed being lightly swung while listening to the theme from the TV show “Flipper”. For her own safety, Flap was protected by fencing, but she anxiously looked forward to going out to play in her large pasture area when the weather permitted. At night, Brenda would tuck Flap into her nesting box and sing Mary Poppin’s “Spoonful of Sugar”. Brenda tearfully remembers the final time she sang the song to her beloved Flap on the night of April 23rd.

Flap was the Godmother and matriarch of all the other hens who live at the Smith’s farm. She was a blessing to the farm as well as David and Brenda for ten years.

Deborah Houck posted on September 6, 2018

I am so sorry to see this I did not know you but wish I did my prayers are with you. Deb Houck


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