Daisy Swink

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Daisy Swink

March 14, 2011 - August 28, 2018


Dave Swink picked up his baby girl Daisy from Missouri, and the two traveled to Colorado together before going home to Murrells Inlet. They traveled all over the country together, and Daisy loved it – especially when they were near the ocean! Big and beautiful, the sweet Newfoundland was happy to meet so many people. She stood out wherever they went and was quick to draw folks close to her – most wanting to take her picture. Dave did his best to keep her humble while explaining to her that she was famous!

Daisy and Dave moved to North Carolina in 2012. She loved her dad and greeted him every morning and whenever he would return home. Daisy became ill on May 15th. There were good days and bad days. The time came on August 28th when the bad days were too long with no relief.  With all of the love he held inside his heart, Dave stayed by Daisy’s side to guide her over the Rainbow Bridge.

Dave says, “She was my pride and joy. I miss her. She brought me so much happiness, and I don’t imagine life without her.”

Cherry posted on September 2, 2018

Such a beautiful, sweet girl and I know Dave is heartbroken over the passing of his precious one. My heart goes out to him at this difficult time.


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