Cleopatra Cooper

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Cleopatra Cooper

Died: November 2, 2017


Twelve years ago, Bob Cooper was driving down a highway when his eye happened on three small kittens by the roadside. He pulled over and was quickly able to put two of the little fur balls inside of his truck. The third ran off into the weedy grass, and after three hours Bob lost sight of her altogether. He worried through the night that he had chased her into the woods where she would be defenseless.

The next morning, Bob drove back to the spot and was able to coax the tortoiseshell-colored kitten into his arms. That is how Cleopatra came into his life. She and her siblings were treated to a wonderful life of cat luxury, but there was a special bond between Bob and Cleopatra.

Bob said a final goodbye to his beloved Cleopatra on November 2nd. She is greatly missed.

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