Carabas Wood

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Carabas Wood

Died: September 9, 2016


Carabas was quite the little man in the Wood household. He loved snuggling in his mommy’s lap or hanging out with Dad. On Fridays his two older people-brothers, Walter and John, Jr. would take Carabas to the airfield where they fly remote control planes. Carabas would get so excited about those trips that he frequently abandoned sleeping in bed with his parents and curl up on a chair next to the door to await his brothers’ arrival on their way to the airfield. Carabas excitedly waited for the oversized model planes to take off and land. On September 9th at the age of 12, Carabas said goodbye to Bernice, John, Walter and John, Jr. as he took to the skies where he can now chase those planes with wild abandon.

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