Buster Smith

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Buster Smith

Died: April 24, 2018


Brenda Smith says her sweet dog, Buster, “came in the mail”. She stopped to check her mail one day on her way from work, and there was an elderly man sitting in his car who said, “You better take this dog, so he doesn’t get hit on the highway.” Brenda put the black-lab puppy in her truck took him to his forever home.

She says Buster was “a gift from the Keeper of the Stars”. At that time Brenda and David’s farm was located off a dirt road and allowed Buster freedom to visit a neighbor who gave him treats, and then he would return home. When they moved the farm to Arden, Buster was happy to find his neighbors Jeanne and Francis provided him with treats and the same routine of getting a treat and returning home. The trip between the two homes kept him in great shape for years!

Mom, Brenda, is a professional dog trainer who loved to teach Buster fun tricks. He could rear up on his hind legs and stick out his front legs barring his teeth to play Zorro. He could also hold a front leg out in a salute and march in place like a Lipazon Stallion. He also had a musical talent of playing the drums using his tail and a door.

The Smith’s believe that Buster was born free and proud to be an American dog living free for all his days on his family farm. Buster joined Scout and Flap, two other Smith pet-kids who recently passed away, at the Rainbow Bridge on April 24th.

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