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Gracie Bailey-Stow

November 7, 2017

Lori Bailey, Bob Stow and daughter Malyn chose the ‘runt of the litter’ as their precious little girl when she was four weeks old. She stole their hearts at first sight. Lori recalls how they patiently waited until she was six weeks old to take her home; then adds, “Ok, maybe not patiently… We have always laughed that because she was born in late November, she wasn’t ready to be adopted into a new family in time for Christmas that year, so she was a Christmas Clearance puppy, after the holiday!”. They named her Bella Grace, and almost immediately began to call her Gracie.

She brought them joy as she grew into her own little personality and held her position as their little cuddle-bug.  Gracie was the baby of the family, and treated as a little Princess. She loved being the center of attention, even when the family adopted a sixty-pound dog. Little twelve-pound Gracie let him know who was in charge.

Princess Gracie loved when her family carried her like their little baby and give her all the belly rubs whenever she needed one the most! After going outside each night for the last time, she would listen for the treat jar to open and run to her bed so she could go nite-nite and get her treat.

The little dachshund was fearless when it came to jumping on a bed or couch, and diving off again – yes.. diving!!!  Gracie loved going for rides in the car, looking out the window and leaving those wonderful nose prints on the glass. But what could be more fun for a tiny little girl than making noise while playing with her “squeaky” toys or running up and down the stairs until she was panting!

Gracie gave back so much more than she ever asked for. Lori says Gracie taught them the meaning of unconditional love. She was by Lori’s side through major illnesses and saw the family through all the hard times life can sometimes bring. That little sweet face and endless kisses made Lori, Malyn, and Bob’s hearts melt and made the world seem OK no matter what was going on.

Gracie passed away on November 7th from an autoimmune disease. Gracie’s mommy says, “She will be missed every day, for the joy, laughter, smiles, companionship and love she gave us.  I believe in my heart she knew how much we loved her, and if love could have cured her, she would still be with us.  RIP my sweet baby Grace….”


Memorials may be donated to Blue Ridge Humane Society in Gracie’s memory

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Aunt Lynda
November 29, 2017 6:45 pm

Gracie was always a spitfire and full of energy!!

She could run circles around anyone or anything!!

She will be greatly missed by all who were touched by her love and kisses!!!